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TGE Courson

September 8

TGE July 7th

la Vaucouleurs

2020 graduation match

4th of July, Fontainebleau

Student match 2022


TGE 2022 TOUR 2

41st Salamander cup

Spring cup 2022

Spring cup Roma 2022

Channel Cup 2021 Alsace

Channel cup

7-9 October

Slaley Hall GB




October 14 2022

Coupe de Printemps April 14 - 16 2023 Jerez de la FronteraCoupe de Printemps

April 14 - 16 2023

Jerez de la Frontera

Welcome to Salamander Golf Society

Spring cup 2022

40 year anniversary book



The Salamander Golf Society is an international
association of Insead alumni to encourage encounters and
create links around golf events and competitions in true
Insead Spirit.







  Fair play 


 Sense of humour 


The Salamander Golf Society is an association run by alums, on a pro bono basis, for alums wishing to practice the noble sport and enjoy the friendships that accompany it. . The Association was created to encourage encounters between Anciens of INSEAD "on the fairways and roughs of Europe", to quote from the Statutes. For convenience, it established a legal form in France in 1986, allowing it to operate a bank account to handle the financial aspects of organising meetings.

It is part of the international Alumni Association, and works alongside National Associations.

Three principal meetings are organised each year:

  • The Tournoi du Printemps, which generally takes place in warmer climes to escape the rigours of winter.

  • The Salamander Cup,  followed by a match against the current students, in or around Fontainebleau.

  • The Channel Cup, in the autumn pitting a team of Anglo-Saxons against the Continentals.

There is also an annual match against HEC alumni , and a team that participates in the Tournoi des Grandes Ecoles (TGE), in France, comprising five meetings a year.

The Society manages its own website allowing those alums choosing to join the Association to register for these events and pay online. There is also a database of personal and golfing details to facilitate contact between members, and a blog and a forum as in a virtual Club House. Announcements about events, and reports & results are posted regularly and photo albums are available for consultation in the picture gallery. 

The Bureau is elected at the Annual Meeting, in addition National Captains act as focal points by country.



The Association was created to encourage encounters between Alumni of INSEAD "on the fairways and roughs of Europe


HEC 2021


Online store


Our store offers unique branded golf apparel and accessories,

and our fabulous 40 year anniversary book.

Membership and registration

Two levels of membership are available to INSEAD alumni.

Temporary membership: free, and limited to one year. It will allow you to get a taste of our Society.

Life membership : 100 euros will give you a lifetime membership